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Achieve your sales goals with our solutions

What makes us stand out from the crowd of sales and marketing professionals competing for your attention? The answer… we know the issues you wrestle with.

You want better sales, a better reputation in your marketplace, and employees that serve your customers better. No phony solutions or pat answers with us. We dig in, do some serious homework, and create a plan that delivers the business results you are looking for.

You don’t have to struggle alone. We’ve been serving up solutions for a spectrum of businesses including manufacturers, non-profits, corporations, government and educational institutions for more than 40 years. We must be doing something right. Our affordable, effective solutions are available to you now. So, let us make it easy for you to get your business growing. It’s what we do!

ALAN BAGG, President
Alan helps business executives strategize to get Better Business Results.

A longtime resident of Racine, he is well connected with people that make things happen—from business leaders, community leaders and elected officials. He has guided numerous start-ups, both for-profit and non-profit entities, to successfully launch their enterprises.

Alan has served as the marketing consultant for major local institutions, including: The Journal Times, Gateway Technical College, the Belle Urban System, and Community State Bank (100th Anniversary). Alan also managed projects for numerous manufacturers and for organizations such as the Racine Police Department, Racine Area Veterans, Inc. and St. Monica’s Senior Living. Branding, marketing, and sales have been his calling cards since his founding of Corporate Images in 1980.

When not serving clients, Alan enjoys skiing and hiking the mountains of Colorado, fly fishing, and boating in Wisconsin lakes.

MAUREEN BAGG, VP of Client Services
Maureen is Corporate Images’ “get it done right … on time and on budget” account manager. She cares about project details, but cares about people even more, a quality reflected in the way she works with clients and vendors.

A teacher of writing and speech & drama in her first career, Maureen taps into these skills to create catchy tag lines and clear, engaging copy for clients. She is editor of The RAMAC Voice, a quarterly business magazine and often writes feature stories about Racine area businesses.

Accounts she has managed that benefit from her knowledge of both traditional and digital marketing include three charter schools in southeastern Wisconsin, plus local manufacturers and start-up businesses.

When she’s not discovering new ways to support marketing and sales efforts, Maureen makes time to ski, hike, bike, canoe, garden or just wander around in nature’s beauty.

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