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Create a powerful digital marketing strategy

With so much hype about social media, blogging, LinkedIn and all the rest, how do you as a business owner make any sense of it, let alone have time for it?

You can’t just bury your head and say, “I refuse to participate.” And you shouldn’t live in a vacuum about how to benefit the most from a digital marketing strategy. Who can you trust to guide you?

Corporate Images Services Digital Marketing
Trust us. We have simplified the approach to an effective digital marketing program by identifying three main strategies you need to use:

      1. Make your website the hub of all your online activity and SEO it
      2. Create a digital presence outside the website that takes viewers back to key landing pages on your website
      3. Build an online community of engaged customers by sharing relevant information with them

1. Your website as Hub

Your website should engage your prospects and customers. What kind of information are they getting? Is your site generating leads? Are you converting those leads into customers?

An effective website that is properly optimized directs business to you. We design powerful responsive websites, optimized to get you found by Google.

2. Digital presence outside the website that links back to your website’s key landing pages

We will grow your business online by building effective social media campaigns, content marketing initiatives, and mobile marketing strategies from pay-per-click to geo-targeting and everything in between.

3. Online community sharing relevant information with your target audience

You need to build a brand community and engage and interact with them online.

Throughout the buyer’s journey, digital marketing provides opportunities to create communities of information seekers and ultimately best customers. Digital marketing not only builds awareness of what you do, but also lets you discover more about the markets you serve and the potential customers within them.

“Corporate Images is a great asset. Alan is a real professional who thoroughly understands the issues and provides options to solve the problem at hand. Alan has never missed a deadline and their creativity and integrity produces great results.”

Principle Engineer and Learning & Development Leader
SC Johnson Professional

“Thanks for the super publicity. Maureen got us three different articles in three publications in just a two-month period. A lot more people now know about my optometrist services thanks to your great, positive PR!”

Racine Optical Company

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