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The Ideal Customer Experience rewards you

Success comes from giving the ideal customer experience to everyone you serve. We’ll help you grow your business by showing you how to create the Ideal Customer Experience (ICX). You can realize customer loyalty when all three components Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support continuously work together to deliver an ideal experience for the customer.

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The CEO starts the ICX ball rolling. Then, marketing creates products and services that meet customer needs, can be profitably distributed, and are sold at a fair and agreeable price. Marketing’s other function is to communicate the value and availability of the product, creating interest in it.

Next, salespeople transfer goods and services to the buyer and make sure the expectations of the buyer are met. Sales must deliver the value promised, while also thinking about long-term satisfaction—that the customer is just as happy months and years from now and is likely to re-purchase.

Customer support then verifies that the product performs as intended or resolves conflicts if it doesn’t perform to meet expectations.

Done well, the ICX process speaks to customers with a common voice and message. Customers can trust the brand experience for life—a powerful way to add profit to your company’s bottom line.

How we drive ICX

  1. We help the CEO establish a unique value proposition (competitive advantage) and consistent messages that communicate the value to their customers/stakeholders.
  1. We ensure the value proposition is shared with every employee, so they understand their role in supporting customers, making every employee an extension of the brand.
  1. We help the CEO drive ICX messaging throughout the company. Proper messaging is continuously communicated (internal branding among employees).

We have tools to help you get your customer-facing teams working together to deliver an ideal customer experience. Let us show you how. Call us today at 262.633.7772.

“Corporate Images and their team listened to our needs and asked the right questions. As a new startup, we now have a corporate look that we like and we have received great feedback from other financial services peers stating our website is excellent with just the right look and feel.”

Owner, CFG, CPA
Poetker Associates

“The customer-driven teamwork Corporate Images used to develop my sales promotion project was outstanding. I enjoy working with their team. If everybody had employees like Corporate Images, there would be fewer headaches for clients.”

Product Training Manager
Case Corporation