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RedPrairie Virtually Bytes a New Audience



Corporate Images was able to help RedPrairie generate 450 leads from a “virtual summit,” using direct mail, e-mail blasts, and sales staff promotion. The campaign generated immediate response the first day, and built to nearly double the registrations originally intended. RedPrairie enjoyed a 9% response from its efforts. It turned the heads of the company’s top management and was cited as “one of the best campaign pieces we have done.”


RedPrairie, a global supply chain solutions company, faced the challenge of convincing 5,000 prospective customers that it would be worth their time to sign up for a virtual summit conference, comprised of two information-packed hours of web casts each day for four straight days.


Corporate Images directed a three-pronged approach—a printed direct mailer, an e-mail blitz, and a follow-up with sales support in the field. A colorful, printed mailer was designed to grab attention, stand out from other daily mail, and be recognized as coming from a valued source, the RedPrairie brand. Mimicking the mailers’ colors and content, the e-mail campaign repeated conference details and subconsciously reinforced the message that this was an exciting event not to be missed, from a respected voice in the industry.


Using direct mail, e-mail blasts and sales staff promotion, Corporate Images helped RedPrairie generate 450 leads from the virtual summit. Top management cited the mailer/e-mail design as “one of the best campaign pieces we have done.”