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The Power of Influential People on Marketing


If there was ever a time to comment on the impact of influential people, the time would be now. As most of you know, Taylor Swift is a singer/songwriter who started her career in country music and later branched out into pop. Swift, a popular figure in the music industry, has grown a large and loyal fan base called the “Swifties.” Now, add the Kelce factor. If you have opened any social media app lately, you will see images, articles, tweets, and so much more on the budding relationship between Taylor Swift and tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League, Travis Kelce.

The endless flood of content relating to these two is starting to become a bit much, but if you stop and take a look at the impact this relationship has had in terms of marketing, you can sit back and be amazed.

The ‘Taylor Swift Effect:’

1. Kelce’s jersey sales grew 400%
2. The Chief-Jets game averaged 27 million viewers, the most watched since Super Bowl Sunday 57
3. Teenage girl age 12-17 NFL viewership increased 53% compared to a normal game
4. SeatGeek 26% increase in average ticket prices for the Chiefs-Jets game (After Swift’s appearance at the Chiefs-Bears game)
5. StubHub saw a 175% jump in ticket sales after the Chiefs-Bears game
6. Vivid Seats tickets price increased 14% and their traffic to their website increased 173%
7. TikTok trends surfaced regrading Swift fans joking to their partners about “Putting Kelce on the map”
8. The NFL even temporarily changed their bio on TikTok to “9/24/23. Taylor was here.”

It’s crazy the impact Swift’s large fan base and social media have on today’s society.

The Swift/Kelce relationship has caused exponential increases with ticket sales, viewership, and apparel sales. And this isn’t the only time Swift has made an impact. Looking at her Era Tour, not only did her ticket sales funnel money into the economy but hotels, restaurants, bars, and surrounding shops benefited as well. Back in August, her tour was expected to gross around $5 billion in consumer spending just in the United States, a much-needed boost to the GDP since the pandemic.

There is no doubt that influential people can make a huge impact. And it definitely didn’t happen overnight. Swift’s music, connection with fans, generosity, and activism have led her to become a world phenomenon. Linking with NFL fan favorite, Kelce, just doubles the impact. This partnership would be any marketer’s dream account.

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