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Our services make companies grow.

Business owners struggle with 1) underperforming sales, 2) an inadequate workforce, 3) weak branding, 4) inconsistent marketing and 5) confusing messaging.
Corporate Images provides business owners and marketers with proven systems to turn these situations around quickly.
We are a sales, marketing and PR agency serving the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor since 1980.
Our guaranteed business formula gets results fast. Check out our testimonials of profitable results. And test drive some of the free tools in our Resources section. Then get in touch with us so we can generate Better Business Results for you.

Some of the cities we serve are: Racine, Kenosha, Lake Geneva, Oak Creek, Burlington, Waukegan, Cudahy, S. Milwaukee, Waukesha, N. Chicago and Evanston.



You can grow your company’s sales more than you think possible if you have a repeatable sales process that is understood by everyone in your company. Clear and consistent messaging built around your value proposition is essential to sales success.

When your sales team communicates this value proposition, your company will stand out from your competitors and your sales will grow substantially.

Corporate Images Services Sales Strategy

We help business owners remove barriers that stop sales success:

• A salesforce that is underperforming and you don’t know why or how to fix it.
• Garbled messages getting to your customers and workforce.
• Salespeople pitching product features instead of helping customers understand how your products/services solve business problems.


Grow your sales more than you think is possible.


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Corporate Images Six Steps to a Better Sales

Six steps to a better sales future

We will help you:

  1. Develop better messaging and build and strengthen your brand.
  2. Develop sales and marketing strategy to roll out these key messages to both employees and external audiences.
  3. Work with you to realign your Salesforce to your company mission.
  4. Make sure your key employees are aligned with your sales and marketing team to serve customers better.
  5. Train your company personnel to understand and commit to the rebranded company.
  6. Establish a set of key metrics that will increase the success of your program.



Consumers are exposed to hundreds of brands every day. Powerful brands help consumers choose from a bewildering array of choices.

How people perceive your brand determines its success whether you are a startup, a nonprofit, an established company or a service provider. Good branding communicates the essence of your company.

“Corporate Images was able to create a website that reflects our brand perfectly and truly tells the St. Monica’s story. Most impressive was the training we got to make changes to the website.”

Executive Director
St. Monica’s Senior Living

A consistent brand is the heart of everything a company and its products communicate —verbal, visual, digital. A strong brand helps consumers choose you and propels your business to the top position in their minds—a position that can last a lifetime.

We have the tools to discover and display the essence of your company, its products, and services to make it stand out from the crowd.



An effective website that is properly optimized directs more business to you than to your competition.
By designing a powerful website, optimizing it for search engines, and using the power of social media, we can create a key success driver for marketing your company.

Corporate Images Services Digital Marketing

We can modify your existing website and make it more sales effective.

We can add content your customers and prospects are looking for, so they come to you before they shop your competition. But digital marketing doesn’t stop there. You need to build a brand community and engage with it online.

We build social media campaigns, content marketing initiatives, and mobile marketing strategies from pay-per-click to geo-targeting and everything in between. Let us help you grow your business online.

“I credit Corporate Images for helping us tell our story so well that we expanded to a second campus and continue to grow every year. Maureen understands our vision and has created a brand that always looks professional while still reflecting who we are as a school.”

Kenosha School of Technology Enhanced Curriculum

Corporate Images Services Web Design

“I like working with Corporate Images. They are saving me time and money because they listen and get it right the first time.”

Product Manager
Johnson Diversey

Web Design

Your website is a key interface with your prospects and customers. What kind of impression are they getting? Is your site generating leads? Are you converting those leads into customers?

Good website design makes it easy for people to find you and learn about your company and products. We build websites that bring you new visitors every day, helping you grow your business exponentially and sustain this growth over the years.

We build responsive websites so your content scales to any screen size.



Your employees are the face of your company to your customers. Everyone in the company is affecting customers by their attitude and work output, not just salespeople or customer service people.

Corporate Images Services Internal Branding

Get all employees on point

Your employees are the face of your company to your customers. Not just salespeople or customer service people—but everyone in the company is affecting customers by their attitude and work output.

When employees feel they are making meaningful contributions—not just treated as meaningless cogs in the wheel—they contribute more and accomplish much.
When internal staff is all on the same page, they make sure your customers actually receive what your sales force promises—the business solution the products and services your company exists to create.

We believe branding your company to existing and future employees makes total sense in today’s scarce labor market. Your current employees can also be your best source of new employees. When they know why they come to work and feel their contributions are truly valued, they attract others who can become the next right people in the right seats.

We make sure your employees know the key messages about the value your products create for customers, what activities they can perform to best serve customers, and the value elements that drive your company to achieve excellence.

You can expect better company operations and a streamlined workflow when you build your brand internally. And, of course, fine tuning your internal brand among your existing staff makes your external branding to customers and future hires much more believable.

“Corporate Images is a great asset. Alan is a real professional who thoroughly understands the issue and provides options to solve the problem at hand. Alan has never missed a deadline and their creativity and integrity produce great results.”

Principle Engineer and Learning & Development Leader
SC Johnson Professional

We have a number of tools to generate clarity and enthusiasm about your mission.

Contact us soon to learn how you can put these tools to work for you to create a better workforce today.


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Corporate Images Services Ideal Customer Experience


Ideally sales, marketing and customer service departments speak with the same voice and serve up the same messages. But in most companies these departments operate as silos, often working at cross purposes to one another.

We have tools to help you get your customer facing teams working together.

Let us show you how.


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Create customers for life

When aligned, sales and marketing workers function in harmony with each other and carry out the ultimate mission—making sure the customer gets the value they were promised. Better company workflow and greater internal communication are the result. That creates a stronger brand and customers for life. This is a powerful way to add to your company’s bottom line.


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KTEC / Brand Development
THE JOURNAL TIMES / Rebranding, Advertising
REDPRAIRIE / Digital Marketing Campaign

Corporate Images Results Case Studies

At Corporate Images we live, sleep and breathe results—delivering results is one of our company’s core values.

At the start of our engagement, we establish metrics to measure our efforts to see if we have “moved the needle” for our clients.

These Success Stories demonstrate how we met or exceeded the goals of our clients.

Want Better Business Results?

Contact us to discover how we can deliver the results you’re looking for.

“You should have seen how surprised I was to have WTMJ Channel 4 news crew come walking into my place to interview me!!! Thanks a million!”

Schillings Pub

Corporate Images Alan Bagg and Maureen Bagg




Ever ask yourself, “What are we trying to do as a company?” It’s a reality check as to why we exist.

Our mission is to have a major impact on your company by helping you and your leaders discover powerful potential in your company. We guide the process of driving your “WHY, WHAT, and HOW” throughout the whole company. Doing this will revolutionize your brand, bring maximum customer growth to life.

Discovering your company’s power starts by answering three questions most business owners have forgotten:

  • What problem does your company and its products solve?
  • How are you uniquely solving it?
  • What specific business value can your customers measure from your solution?

The questions sound simple. But discovering the right answers to these questions is not. When you get it right, you will build a powerful brand, grow your sales exponentially, and motivate your workforce to exceed your customers’ expectations.

You don’t have to struggle with the process alone. Our affordable, effective, guaranteed solutions are unique in our industry. They’re readily available to you. Let us help you grow your company to its full potential and give you back the dream you had when you started it. We make it happen for our clients. So, contact us to get the ball rolling.


Give yourself the winning edge.

Contact us to discover how we can deliver the results you’re looking for.

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